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claim_a_waifu's Journal

_____ is my waifu
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A community where you can claim your waifu!


Welcome to claim_a_waifu, a community, such as is_my_boyfriend and claim_a_fantasy that lets you claim the anime, manga and/or video game girl (or guy) of your dreams, claiming whichever girl (or guy) as your waifu. One claim per person, try not to fight with the mods, and have fun! ♥.

rules (read before joining)

oo1: Before you post, check the claims list. To join and claim your waifu, you MUST check to see if your waifu is claimed or not. We will ignore posts (or just point you in the correct direction) if there is a repeat.
oo2: To post, put your character's name, series, and a picture of them in your entry. Everything must be put under a cut, and the picture MUST be safe for work. There are absolutely no tags in entries except for the mods'.
oo3: The only characters you can claim are anime, manga, and video games.</b> Visual novels count as video games. No real life people can be claimed, so you might as well go join another community to claim them. :/
oo4: No reserves. Period. This is to avoid Internet fights and arguing at the like. First come, first serve. Although, you may drop your claim by leaving a post saying you're dropping your character.
oo5: Link back to the community by saying somewhere in your journal, "CHARACTER HERE is my waifu at claim_a_waifu". This would super amazingly helpful to us. ♥
oo6: You may claim not only girls, but boys. This is only valid, however, if the male character has done something girly at least once in canon, such as a extreamly girly scream.
oo7: The subject line of your post must be "My waifu is..." or any variation of it. The one I just mentioned is most preferable, though. This tells us that you've read the rules. If you don't, your post will be ignored. Sorry!
oo8: One claim per person. This is to avoid confusion, Internet fights, and disappointment.
oo9: This comm is updated whenever possible. If you have waited a week and not have your claim updated, please send me a message and I will get it up as quickly as I can.

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